About Us

“Three Dots & a Dash”…A tongue twister for cocktail name and pure delight for the glodge, which is tempting blend with rum from Martinique, Demerar, honey and citrus fruits.

The garnishment is vey special. Three little cherries represent the three dots and the pine apple peace is the dash, just like the letter “V”, in Mors’ Code. This letter used as the abbreviation of Victory during the World War II.

In addition, Don the Beachcomber believed that “Whatever a shot of rum cannot succeed, three shots can”.

Three Dots and a Dash has been created in order to impress you.

our vision


to provide services and products which are fully correspondent to your needs and requirements.

to convey the ambience, the sense and the taste of a bar at your own place

to make your special events unique, participating in your quests hospitality

to serve without restrictions using our experience, creativity and the latest bartending trends.